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FTC Team 10825

JH CowBots

Team 10825, the JH CowBots, consists of four hard-working teammates who strive to embody the core principles of FIRST Robotics. We started this season with half of our team as newbies and the other half only having done FTC the previous year. In the beginning, we had a lot of ideas and ended up keeping none of them. This season has been all about taking our ideas and evolving them into actual working mechanisms. We all learned so much about how a concept looks beautiful in our minds but doesn’t work in all actuality. Through all the trials and tribulations we still managed to come out smiling and having a great time.



The JH RoboColts is composed of 8th graders at Jackson Hole Middle School. In this picture, Bryson is to left, Jordan is in the center-left, Emerson is in the center-right, and Quinlan is to the right.



This is the CowBot's robot for the 2021-2022 FTC season, Freight Frenzy. It uses a mecanum wheel drivetrain and has a linear slide lift and roller to manipulate game elements.

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