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FTC Team 15381

JH RoboDragons

Our team, 15381, consists of 3 innovative members, Owen, Violeta, and Ben. This is all our first season of FTC and we are really excited to see what else we get to do next year!!! Now a little about us and what exactly it is that we do: Violeta is the coder of the team. She focuses on programming all of the motors in a way that helps us move forward, back, and turn whichever way we need it to. Ash and Owen are the builders of our team.



The JH RoboDragons is composed of 8th graders at Jackson Hole Middle School. In this picture, Violeta is to left, Ash is in the center, Owen is to the right.



This is the RoboDragons robot for the 2021-2022 FTC season, Freight Frenzy. It uses a traction and Omni wheel drivetrain. They utilize a grabber mechanism that rotates along an axel to manipulate freight.

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