RoboBroncs Season 2019-20

       Unfortunately, due to the corona virus outbreak, the robotics season was cut short. But this doesn't mean we didn't have fun! We worked on our robot, cat-dog, dating all the way back to January. In March we had our first competition, Utah Regionals. In Utah, we worked our best and did amazing, ending up qualifying for Nationals. We won the Chairman's Award, so many thanks to America Martinez, captain of the business team last year, for her dedication and hard work. After Utah, Colorado and Nationals were cancelled due to the corona virus. However, we are excited to be back in action!

Team pic.jpg

RoboBroncs Season 2020-21

COVID-19 has definitely changed the game on us. This year, our FRC team has not been building a robot as much as we usually do. So with new found extra time on our hands, we decided to become more engaged with our FTC teams. We started mentoring the FTC students at Jackson Hole High School to help them along the way and create a strong connection. We have also been working diligently on many at home awards this year.  We just presented the Chairman's Award along with the Innovation Challenge presented by Qualcomm. For our Innovation Challenge, we decided to further our connection in the Wind River Reservation. We designed a program that uses virtual reality, along with a VR app Supernatural, Carb Manager, and a smart watch to help improve the diabetic program. The reservation has been extremely shutdown, so not only is it difficult for us to go over, but it is now difficult for the people to get the interaction they need. Public transportation was shut down and most of the population is at high risk to COVID due to diabetes, old age, or other disabilities.